The Stanley Gibbons Publishing House team is located in Hampshire, where they edit, proof and print award-winning stamp catalogues, including the annual Commonwealth & British Empire Stamp Catalogue 1840-1970 also known as the “stamp collectors bible” or “The Part One”, by avid collectors. They also produce two of the industry’s leading monthly philatelic magazines.

The first Stanley Gibbons stamp catalogue was published in 1865. It was a penny price list that ran monthly until 1879. The company now produces over 100 stamp catalogues for various regions and collectors, with new editions still being founded. For example, the Switzerland Catalogue launched in 2019 and sold out within the Stanley Gibbons shop within its first week.

Gibbons Stamp Monthly (GSM) has been in continuous publication since its first issue in 1890. During that time it has faced some challenges, not least of which was an entire edition being destroyed by a World War II bomb in 1941. Yet through all tests, it has passed with flying colours and stands proudly to this day as the UK’s leading philatelic magazine. It is an essential source of philatelic information for specialists, thematic and new collectors. Articles include introductory tutorials, for those looking to build their first or new collections, to the latest research from the world’s leading specialist collectors.

Philatelic Exporter (PE) has been in publication since 1945, although Stanley Gibbons only picked up the title at the turn of the millennium. It remains, to this day, the only independent magazine in the world produced for the international postage stamp trade. PE provides industry readers with the latest news, events, dealer insights, book reviews and articles vital to the stamp trade.